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The Matt and Melissa Show broadcasts and experiments with various illicit substances weekly for an hour and a half. Now the podcast can be heard anywhere with internet; Hamilton, Vineland, Espanola, Fort McMurray, Sioux Lookout, Winnipeg, Inukjuak, Moncton, Dartmouth, Squamish, Moose Jaw and Taloyoak!

We're Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaac-ugh--aaak

Episode 7 - The Time Travelling Episode

The Time Travelling Unconundrum

Greetings Gentle Listener,

After a not at all brief period the Matt & Melissa Show Podcast is back! I know this would probably mean more if you noticed we were on hiatus or even listened to our show, irrelevant!

In this episode we relocate to the "outdoor" studio as the temp. soars to an uncomfortable 37c (or 91 f). As goldfish and asstd. feathered friends splash about in waterfall and pond, we can't help but be reminded how incredibly hot we are and how much I wish I had a pool or knew someone who wasn't morbidly obese who owned one. Or wished my landlord wouldn't get a case of the sads if he came home to find me catch and release fishing his goldfish pond.

Through the magic of newspaper technology we are able to traverse back and forth through time! (June - July 2011) Yet amazingly, we manage not to disrupt the future despite trying really really hard.

Not so special thanks to Joel for hijacking our show with promises of inappropriate family boundary tales, and also delivering on playing with his HTC phone and ripping off Stern. Thanks to our other special guest Dunnville native and future science teacher turned meth cook J to the D-A-N. And congrats on the cup coming to visit D-town.

At this point I have yet to encounter a time when I am not unbearably hot and our guests are not lured, tricked or trapped into appearances.

Feel free to tell us how not-hot we are in this heat at the

And if you love a hot mess (which must be why you're still reading) check out Episode 7 (or 5 or 6 depending on whose hardrive is keeping track)

Thanks for taking one for the team Macho Man. Although we're not all in hell it feels like it, but that's not your fault. If you see Ryan tell him we liked his rims. Until next time, take it easy, take it breezy and if you're in GWAR take it sleazy.


German Tv Show Car Stunt Goes Wrong - Audience View.

The footage NBC chose not to show, but we had to watch 3 times in a row.

Samuel Koch (pronounced 'Cock') attempts to jump 5 cars on German TV show. His dad gives him a big smile right before he smokes him.