This show is the future. The future of Nothing.

The Matt and Melissa Show broadcasts and experiments with various illicit substances weekly for an hour and a half. Now the podcast can be heard anywhere with internet; Hamilton, Vineland, Espanola, Fort McMurray, Sioux Lookout, Winnipeg, Inukjuak, Moncton, Dartmouth, Squamish, Moose Jaw and Taloyoak!

Episode 3: The Assholes Episode

This week's episode is dedciated to what we, and everyone else is/are sometimes; assholes (and we definitely are assholes). Except we're also wrongly accused! First to admit when we are wrong, we admit that we aren't! After some bar patio yelling and confusion Matt vs. Matt as we make our first successful on-air phone call to get to the 'bottom' of this asshole business!

  • Cabbage patch doll's. Why is that man's signature on your asshole?
  • Other Matt. What's the deal? Can there only be one?
  • Other Matt phone call. Tip *if you don't want to be on the radio, hang up.
  • Masturbation death story. She masturbated to DEATH!
  • Mel Gibson. People are calling him an asshole for some reason.
  • Hamilton hate crime and other crime. Hear some asshole statistics!
  • Hogweed. This plant is a real asshole.
  • MUSIC NEWS! With KILLER new production!
  • Birthday Bitches. More people you may or may not know or care about were born!

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