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Sage Francis - Little Houdini

Episode 4: The Deth-a-sode

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Death a.k.a.- The Grim Reaper & (stealing from) the Internet

  • What Did You Do Last Night.... We're still trying to get sued (or killed) by Rockin' Ray, Michelle Quinn, Oldies 1150 and Astral Media.

  • There WAS a big meteor shower, it didn't pelt the earth with meteors killing us all, but it was last week. And actually it did have a name; Perseids Meteor Shower. Meteors are not uncommon throughout the month of August in the Northern Hemisphere.

  • Random Holidays in August- There are a lot of 'em in case you wanted to throw an incredibly useless party for someone. Or just need an alibi for a party you were at when you killed someone.

  • Feel the Heat- Old news, but its funny. A fan wore a Lebron James Miami Heat jersey to a Cleveland Indians game and Cleveland residents probably would've have made him fear the Reaper if cops weren't there.

  • Holy Feet!- He died for your flip flops.

  • The Mindset List- Just to remind you how quickly your memory can die.

  • Robert Pickton- The Canadian man who answered a "Reaper Wanted" ad.

  • This Makes No Scents?!!- Pumpkin and Lavendar make men horny... maybe he means hungry? I'm going to free Pickton just so he can kill this guy.

  • I Don't Know Wtf Middle Tennesee Is, But 'Little Houdini' Stole Crystal Gayle's Tour Bus- He also escaped from police custody 8 times and he hates that song about him, so we played it for ya. I wonder if Sage Francis knows that... **Warning** This story features "the big C".

  • The HST is the DEATH of the GST/PST in at least 3 Canadian provinces so far.

  • Music News- Guess who died this week? Thats right, ELVIS AARON PRESLEY. Seriously, his last words were: "I'm going into the bathroom to read". Amazingly the 3 women killed while holding a night vigil outside Graceland weren't actually fans. Death laughed.

If this episode caused you or someone near you to die, write to us at:

This show is dedicated to a great fuckin' guy and an amazing drummer.
"There's men, underground and they've never see the sun and they really know how to party"