This show is the future. The future of Nothing.

The Matt and Melissa Show broadcasts and experiments with various illicit substances weekly for an hour and a half. Now the podcast can be heard anywhere with internet; Hamilton, Vineland, Espanola, Fort McMurray, Sioux Lookout, Winnipeg, Inukjuak, Moncton, Dartmouth, Squamish, Moose Jaw and Taloyoak!

We went nowhere, and now we're back.

The Matt & Melissa Show
Episode 5
The Perspec-ta-sode

You'll have to look to the future for our fifth show. The perspec-ta-sode (a name Matt abhors) is rife with aptly themed crap we talked about and Visine in the drinks. Does it make you poop or pass out? Does Melissa end up on the toilet or the studio (kitchen) floor? You'll have to open your mind and your ears and check out our fifth!
Episode 5 coming sooner than the end of the world!


Fans of the band Dethklok and the show Metalocalypse can stop committing suicide in droves because they've returned. Armed with a new episode titled "Fertilityklok" which airs Sunday, September 26th (which also happens to be today). Hopefully this is the first of a dozen new episodes for season 3; a season that ended abruptly after only 6 episodes
Go on over and diefordeathklok because I'm not telling you anymore.

Coming not so soon...
Episode 6.66

Satan may or may not be real, but with Hallowe'en creeping up on us we'll be bringing you Episode 6.66 the Evil episode? Stay tuned!